Master Digital helps small businesses take control of their digital marketing by training them to set up and execute their own digital marketing strategy. Depending on the time small business owners can allocate to digital marketing, we can help them figure out what makes sense to outsource and what makes sense to do themselves. And we will train them on the areas they want to take on themselves.

With experience training small and large companies internationally, we can help businesses understand their priorities in terms of digital marketing.

We offer personalised one to one courses in digital marketing in the comfort of your own business or any other location. This means a more laid back learning environment for you and the flexibility to work around your business priorities. It also means that we only cover the topics and issues that matter to you and we can tailor the course to your needs.

In a perfect world you would have budget and time for every part of the marketing mix, but as a small business, the truth is you need to choose just a few channels and tactics that will help you reach your objectives. We can walk you through this decision process in our planning workshops, help your set up these strategies and train you on them.