#MasterCourses : Taking on the Google Adwords Fundamentals certification

On the Master Digital blog I thought I could be the guinea pig for some of the online courses and exams out there to help you decide which ones might be relevant to you and your business and to give you some tips and advice you might find useful if you decide to take these courses.

So I decided to start with Google AdWords and the first exam you need to pass to become Adwords certified is Google AdWords Fundamentals.

Why would you want to be Google AdWords certified? Well first of all, so you can brag about it, obviously! As a small business studying for the exam will teach you a lot about running your own online advertising campaigns. And if you are an agency it will earn you the Google Partner badge, which gives you a number of benefits (including being searchable on the Google Partner website and access to exclusive events and training).

Preparing for the exam

Google offers a great course, which is divided in digestible chunks on their Academy for Ads website. You will be able to access it once you are registered as a Google Partner (you don’t need to have the badge to be a partner – but you don’t have as many benefits as with the Badge!). The Google Partners AdWords Fundamentals course only takes 1 hr 30 min – in theory – and is divided into 19 five minute sections. I would recommend allowing 3 hours to complete the course path and even more if you are taking notes or if you are not familiar with Google AdWords.

Google also gives access to exam study guides to prepare for the exam. For AdWords Fundamentals there are 4 lessons including a PDF download that summarizes most of the topics that need to be understood for the exam.

A big mistake you could make would be to just complete the course and follow immediately with the exam. But the exam is presented in a very practical way, so you need to understand more than just the theory to take it. So I would recommend creating an AdWord account, playing around with it, creating a campaign and some ad groups to get a more practical understanding of how it works.

Taking the exam

You can access it though your Google Partner page. You have two hours to answer 100 multiple choice questions and you pass with a score over 80%.

My advice would be to take your time - 2 hours is a lot! So take the time to read the questions and answer choices a few times, take a peek at your notes ( don’t tell them I told you that…they never said it was closed book exam…).

Some questions are based on theory and your knowledge of the Adwords jargon. For example – “Which of these is a benefit of online advertising” or “How is your Quality Score measured?”

But a lot of questions take practical examples like “Ross wants to spread the word about his video game blog, what campaign type should he use?”. That’s why you can’t just get away by simply doing the course, you need a real understanding of AdWords.

And if it’s all too much for you today, you can take the course again one week later. So no pressure!

The verdict

Google Adwords fundamentals is a great way to get you up to speed with all the functionalities and options AdWords has to offer if you already have some basic knowledge of it and have already run some basic campaigns. Google has put together a fantastic, easy to digest course, which I would qualify as “for intermediates” as there is a lot of jargon and some terms can be rather confusing for beginners.

Now that I have the AdWords Fundamentals Certificate, next stop for me is one of the AdWords Advertising exams in order to become AdWords certified. Wish me luck!

If you would like to take a more personalised approach to learning Google AdWords, contact us at Master Digital.