For many small business owners it can be more cost effective to do as much as possible yourself so we offer digital training courses tailored for small business owners who want to be independent for some or all of their digital marketing activities. 
Depending on your needs we can offer half day, full day or custom digital marketing courses.


1 - Managing your digital marketing channels essentials course

Half-day course
From £249

•    Building your own website or updating a CMS (content management system)
•    Managing a Facebook business page
•    Managing an Instagram profile
•    Basics of content management


2 - Setting up your digital marketing course

One-day course
From £399
•    Building your own website
•    Basics of Search Engine Optimisation
•    Setting up Google Analytics and simple reporting
•    Basics of online advertising (Adwords, Facebook, Twitter)
•    Setting up and managing a Facebook business page
•    Setting up and managing a Twitter / Instragram / YouTube profile
•    Setting up and managing a YouTube profile
•    Basics of content management


3 - Growing your business online

Half day course
From £249
•    Basics of Google Advertising
•    Basics of Facebook and Twitter advertising
•    Basics of Search Engine Optimisation


4 - Customized recommendations to manage your digital channels

One-day course
From £459
•    Master Digital will review your marketing channels and make tailored recommendations for your business
•    Build a website or updating a CMS (content management system)
•    Managing a Facebook business page
•    Managing an Instagram profile
•    Basics of content management


5 - Online visibility for local businesses

Half day course
From £249
•    Understand the importance of being online even for a local business
•    Managing your reputation (on tripadvisor, Facebook, Instagram, etc…)
•    Updating social media profiles
•    Online monitoring and comments tracking


6 - Digital marketing planning workshops

Half day (or tailored to your needs)
From £229
We help you set up a short / medium / long term digital marketing strategy by walking you through each element of the decision process and giving you the tools to create a sound plan that helps you have a clear picture of what the next few months will look like in terms of digital marketing. 


7 – Tailor-made digital marketing courses for your business

We can work with you to put together a course that is fully tailored to your needs. Contact us you chat more about it.


Add ons
We offer a range of add-on services such as: 
•    On-call consulting services to help you while you set up your digital marketing activities
•    Digital project management
•    Setting up of digital marketing channels
•    Community management
Feel free to contact us to find out about these services