5 simple steps to manage your digital marketing yourself

Do you need to improve your online presence? Here are 5 simple steps your could take all by yourself, with just a few hours work and a small budget. 


Create your own website

You don't need to be a developper to build a website. Online services exist to help you build simple, professional websites at a low cost and in just few clicks. 


Organise your social media channels

No need to spend hours every day on Facebook or Twitter for a successful social media strategy. Learn to use a content calendar and to schedule your content to save hours each week.


Advertise online

Don't pay an expensive agency to spend your advertising budget. Run your campaigns and optimize them yourself. All you need is a little training. 


Create your own branded content

Design your branded posts, infographics using user friendly foolproof graphic design tools. And writing your own blog posts will have a number of benefits for your brand, your marketing and your SEO.  


Manage your SEO

Knowing the basics of SEO can go a long way for a small business. Being aware of the best practices in SEO can help you update your website yourself for better ranking.

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